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Thread: Terminal/Bash Transparency gone after AMD Driver installation

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    Default Terminal/Bash Transparency gone after AMD Driver installation


    I have installed BT5 R2 64 KDE on Thinkpad 121x ( AMD DUal Core 450 & amd graphics)

    Everything works like a charm and I am very pleased.

    Only bad thing that happened after installing the amd driver the Terminal Transparency is gone.

    In Bash-> -> Settings- Configure Profiles -> Appearance is have the following notification.

    " This Color scheme uses a transparent background which does not appear to be supported on your desktop."

    But it should?

    Adapter is AMD Radeon HD 6320.

    This adapter should fully suppoort this.

    Do you need any output provided?

    Any ideas? Thanks a bunch !

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    Default Re: Terminal/Bash Transparency gone after AMD Driver installation

    It Is not the card, it's the driver..

    I had a laptop with nvidia card, when I changed the driver (nouveau) for the one in nvidia site, transparencies were all gone. But instead I had 3d support and decided to install compiz...

    I found lots of options to play with, effects and all of that..

    In your case 3d should be supported, I do not know for sure, but you can try to check it out:

    glxinfo | grep direct

    But for what I see, driver do not support transparencies.

    Hope it helps..

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