Hello everyone, first of all, sorry if this is not the correct section of the forum to ask for this, i was unsure where to post, if here or in the newbie section.

As said in the thread title i'm having a weird issue with airbase-ng.

I'm doing a bunch of experiments in my lab and i set up my backtrack 5 R2 VM for trying out some fakeAP and karma attacks.

Everything seems to be fine
- i set up airbase-ng to serve as an AP, listening for all probes so that it can "hook" up clients.
- brought up at0 interface and assigned it an ip address.
- configured dhcp accordingly to serve ips on at0 interface
- configured iptables accordingly and other surrounding tools (sslstrip, dnsspoof etc etc)

ok, fine then i bring my laptop with windows and try to search for networks, as expected i get connected to the fakeAP, as it replied to the probe my laptop was expecting, and i can also browse the web and use other services (i set up iptables so that i could reach the internet).

so everything seems fine, but when i try, from my backtrack machine, to ping my laptop, i don't get any reply, if i try to do a simple nmap scan i get the error:
Starting Nmap 5.61TEST4 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-04-28 19:58 EDT
route_dst_netlink: can't find interface "at0"
and if i try to get a reverse shell using SET and the java applet attack, i get the connection but the session is immediately dropped automatically.

for sure something is wrong here, but i can't figure it out myself, it looks like hosts on at0 interfaces are for some odd reasons unreachable.

any suggestion is really appreciated.

thanks in advice.