Hello All,

I have searched all day for an answer to this, and I've experimented all night on my own, but I haven't been able to sort it out. I am rather inexperienced with Linux, but I am a technical person and comfortable diving in.

My newish laptop requires me to run commands to get the touch pad (elantech) to work properly.

synclient FingerLow=1
synclient FingerHigh=1

Before I run these commands in the terminal the touch pad requires half of my finger to be in contact with it to register my touch. After running these commands, it behaves exactly as I expect it to. Other settings for the touch pad I have changed in the Mouse Prefs (System>Preferences>Mouse) like two finger scrolling etc..

I've read elsewhere that I should be able to edit the xorg.conf file to include these settings so that I don't have to do it manually. When I edit my file (/usr/share/xreprobe/xorg.conf) to contain these settings formatted to match the settings already present, they do not seem to take effect upon reboot (i have persistent installation of BT on a flash drive). I confirm this by running synclient-l and seeing that the values for FingerHigh and FingerLow are back to the defaults. Is there another xorg.conf file hidden somewhere else, or another file altogether I should be looking at? Any help is appreciated, and I apologize ahead of time for my newbness.