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Thread: how to get backtrack themes?

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    Default how to get backtrack themes?

    hi, i use backtrack 5 kde 64bit, its really cool but i think it misses some colors, i just dont like black color in scrolling bar at right of every window because i cant clearly see where to click mouse and drag to go down the page, also when i type a text the background is black, is there any way to fix this??
    i tried to install ubuntu themes but it didnt work with me, or maybe am dumper than knowing how to install them!
    is there any where or anyway that can make me install themes or make them? or even just change colors will be ok!
    thanks a lot and am very sorry for this stupid question, but i really dont know how to answer it!

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    Default Re: how to get backtrack themes?

    Well i don't really know where to get themes to backtrack however you can get backtrack wallpaper on different colors on Google by making a quick search on "backtrack wallpaper".

    hope it helps you, since your problem is the back wallpaper.

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