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Thread: VPN PPTP BruteForcing

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    Lightbulb VPN PPTP BruteForcing

    Hi all,

    Loving the BT5 R2 release thanks to all the developers.

    Quick question peeps. I was testing my vpn connection with a bit of wireshark and MITM actions. I got the CHAP response and the Challenge. I used ASLEAP but you see I don't want to use a dictionary to crack. Mainly because my password is not from the dictionary I want to use some CUDA attack or atleast a processor attack that increments character by character.

    What do you guys think? its possible or would it be too slow? Or what about rainbow tables? Essentially im looking for an alternative to dictionary based attacks on the VPN passwords.

    Thanks alot

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    Default Re: VPN PPTP BruteForcing

    if your password is not in a dictionary a rainbow table attack won't do much good, you could certainly bruteforce with a CPU attack but that would be far more time consuming that a CUDA based attack

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