I installed BT5 using these http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/...Persistent_USB instructions on my 64gb usb drive, with a few minor changes to accommodate my install, and when I reboot my computer to the usb I get nothing but a black screen and a blinking underscore. No splash screen either. I let it sit there for 30 min and no difference.

The only changes I made were to the sdb. Mine happened to be sdc. The other change was to the primary sdc1 size which I made mine +160000M. And the balance of the stick was sdc2. The install went perfect as far as I could tell. No errors. I've tried twice and got the same results. Black screen with blinking underscore and no splash screen.

I don't want to use a windows installer because from what I understand i will not be able to use the full stick for storage. In my case 64gb. Nor do I want to encrypt the drive.

Please help fix my black screen issue. Thank you.