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Thread: Installation Issue

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    Default Installation Issue

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm just about to start getting into BT5, and I've been having some trouble with the installation process.
    I've downloaded both KDE, the and GNOME version, but every time I boot the created disc(also tried
    booting from a USB drive), it keeps coming up with the error 'no image kernel detected' when I enter
    the 'startx' command.
    I'm aware that there's probably something that I'm doing wrong and/or haven't set something up properly,
    but any help on the issue would be great.

    I just want to start practising!


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    Default Re: Installation Issue

    I'd start with the simplest stuff first. Be sure to verify the MD5 hash on your downloads. Also, have a look in the hardware compatibility list forum, and see if others have reported problems with hardware matching yours.
    If I could figure out how to scuba dive & hack at the same time, there would be nothing I couldn't do...

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