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Thread: SSLstrip: command not found

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    Default SSLstrip: command not found


    The sslstrip command is not installed on BT5r2 64bit KDE and when i run the script that is in the sslstrip folder the machine just hangs and hangs until i click the mouse and then i get the following error

    import: unable to grab mouse `': Resource temporarily unavailable @ xwindow.c/XSelectWindow/8993.
     from: can't read /var/mail/distutils.core
     /pentest/web/sslstrip/​ line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `"",'
     /pentest/web/sslstrip/​ line 5: `shutil.copyfile(""​, "sslstrip/sslstrip")'
    Any idea why? and how to resolve this?

    p.s i did search and did find fixs but they all just ran this script so it does not seem to work for me


    I just got told over msn that i cannot just drag and drop the script into the konsole i feel like such a fool haha owell am new to linux but am learning fast but just incase anyone else needs the help you have to do the following commands below to install it:

    cd /pentest/web/sslstrip/
    python install
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    Default Re: SSLstrip: command not found

    Yeah I made a vid for that, quick and easy :-p

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    Default Re: SSLstrip: command not found

    Go to the authors site:

    There you have the way to install it...You can either install it or just run it from the folder.

    Open up a terminal. (please forget about Windows, mouse and drag&drop)
    Look for the sslstrip : #locate sslstrip
    Go to that folder containning and try to run it from there: python -a -f
    Or you can install it: python install

    Hope it helps.

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