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Thread: [Req Help] How do i ask questions in a bash script?

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    Default [Req Help] How do i ask questions in a bash script?


    i am trying to make a simple autmation script for ssl strip.

    I just want my script to ask the user questions like... what is the gateway ip? and then put that into the code its about exercute

    if someone could help me with this by giving me an example and exsplination i would be grateful



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    Default Re: [Req Help] How do i ask questions in a bash script?

    I would suggest you have a look at the many scripts already
    created by forum members and read up on bash programming
    to see how this is being achieved.

    As a basic method to get user input and use that variable,
    you could look at the below.

    echo -ne "Enter gateway IP: " 
    read gwip
    echo "Your chosen gateway IP is: $gwip"

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