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Thread: "MacTrack" (BackTrack in Parallels VM) + USB Wifi Inquiry

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    Question "MacTrack" (BackTrack in Parallels VM) + USB Wifi Inquiry

    Hello all, First off, idk if this is the correct place to post(sorry Mods), let alone the right forum(I have a feeling I may be told to ask parallels people) but I thought I would give it shot. Basically I have a MacBook Pro running Parallels > BT 5 R1 Gnome(could not get R2 to work assumingly b/c of the 3.x kernel but idk) and obviously can not use internal card for packet collection/injection so I am looking into a WiFi USB adapter. I preferably would like to use something known to be fairly plug and play, but not a necessity. First choice is a Alfa AWUS036H, but I see that there is no support for 10.7, so I was wondering, has anyone successfully used this adapter with parallels into backtrack? I do not intend to use it at all for the Mac(though it would be nice; ie KisMac) but am worried that it not being supported, that it may be unable to 'pass through' as an actual usb device into BackTrack. If anyone has any experience with another USB adapter(with 10.7 Lion) I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance and look forward to the mac flaming(Jk).

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    Default Re: "MacTrack" (BackTrack in Parallels VM) + USB Wifi Inquiry

    Hi there, i read your post and well i dont quite understand where your coming from. If you use back track in parallels you really aren't using the mac os (lion), your using the operating system of its environment, ie, you set up windows in parallels, and anything you use in that is windows driven, same goes for the linux core on your parallels, so in theory anything you use in that section is linux driven. Be aware that anything you use in parallels linux cannot use host or sub host drivers, the net connection will work as its shared with the host system, in your case mac osx or lion whatever you want to call it (10.7) you can use any of the "tested working" USB wifi adapters, providing they are USB as your parallels system will have access to you usb ports, but make sure they are supported by backtrack as backtrack uses its own drivers unless you want to edit code ! There is a post on the web from "dishingtech" who describes in detail how to install backtrack using parallels and how to get it all working, he also provides all the code if you want to mess with it yourself, and a downloadable image of the setup files, you might want to check it out. I use a macbook air and usb Alfa, in parallels both in injection and passive, it does work well, and yes i use 10.7........hope this helps

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