Hi, I use backtrack 5 R2, My system is fully updated, I tried to crack a wpa by using reaver but I got 2 problems with this:
1) It is very slow
2) When cracking reaches 40-50% it starts to even slow more, like cracking 0.01% every 16 seconds instead of 0.05% every 16 seconds, after some time cracking hangs up and doesn't move (sticks on a number like 60%)
Is it possible to solve these problems?
Can I speed up cracking by using more hardware? (I can use up to 4 laptops & 7 Alfa networks at same time if this will speed up cracking)
By the way if there is any solution please help me (If this costs money like buying hardware or software it will be ok with me no matter how much its costs)
Thanks in advance.