for all who reply thank you,

with BT 5 i am having a issue that when i run BT5 from a live disc it will detect all drives in the pc but when i come to installe the drive it will only see the SSD. ive install BT5 before in RAID mode using JBOD

so was wondering whether anyone had come across this?

Ive tried ahci mode on 2 different chipsets one is a gigabyte chipset and the other a amd 790x (never tried to install using gigabyte and the drives i need are on the amd sata ports and either way are still detected by the live disc)

i am duel booting but its not detecting the boot sector on the other drives but i am able access them through the live dvd

my specs are:
gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD3P
8gb ram
ati hd5770 (aware of startx issue)

if any more info is needed please let me know, i am quite new to linux and BT but this used to work just changed from machnical drives to a ssd primary drive for windows and use ahci for performance'

any ideas

Regards and thankful