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Thread: Triple Boot on Macbook Pro (SnowLeopard/Win7/BT5R2)

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    Default Triple Boot on Macbook Pro (SnowLeopard/Win7/BT5R2)

    I as probably noted due to this being posted in the beginners section am new to the whole linux thing. I have a late 2010 mbp i7 with 500gb HDD that I use for school. I am required to have both OS's for school. Initially my partitions were 150gb for OS-X and 350gb for Bootcamp Win7. I have since made a few changes. Currently as of this post I have 150gb for OS-X, 300gb for Bootcamp Win7, and 50gb that I have formatted FAT32 in hopes of installing BT5R2. (I just used the windows disk manager to shrink the partition and reformat the free space)

    Now begin the issues.

    I have BT5R2 on dvd, iso on mac desktop, and USB live stick. I cannot seem to get it to boot from the usb and I cannot install via VM and my iso to my partition on the HDD. I have and can repeatedly boot from the dvd however when I try to install it doesn't show my free partition. OS-X doesn't show my free partition either. I have installed rEFIt and the 3rd partiton shows up there as well as in Win7.

    Please help. If any additional info is needed just ask and I'll do my best to provide it.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance regardless of if it works or not.

    That Linux NOOB,
    Jeremiah Blackwell

    It wasn't the solution I wanted but after trying everything I could think of I ended up Backing up all my data and just deleting bootcamp, making a partition for backtrack and installing it in that partition. I have yet to reinstall win7 but I'm fairly certain it will work. :P
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