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Thread: Macbook pro 15 late 2011

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    Question Macbook pro 15 late 2011 -none work

    Hello , I'm trying to get working BT5 r2 (KDE and gnome ) ( x32 and x64) on my Macbook pro 15' Lion late 2011 but it have been a lot of pain

    First i try doing a virtual machine and its ok but don't make the wireless cards working , i read a lot in forums and don't get it working , it seems that the default wireless card of the macbook pro doesn't work in a virtual machine then i bought a usb wireless card ( Encore n300 with chipset RTL8192cu ) but i wasn't able to make it working , install the last drivers from but nothing , made a moduleprobe and its loads but it not showing at iwconfig or wireless devices so i decide to try from a usb

    but i wasn't able to boot it from a usb device , wen i hold Alt at the beginning of my system to choose the BT5 usb it wont show.

    then the last i try from a live cd and it load at the boot screen , i was able to load BT5 R2 but its the same as the Virtual machine with the difference that now i can see move devices on the lspci and lsusb

    Here are some logs : $lspci , $lsusb and $dmesg

    I have the wireless default card from the macbookpro and the usb with chipset RTL8192cu and i try the drivers from realtek and the compat-wireless but i can get it working

    please give me some help i'm trying so hard but i doesn't get nothing , read a lot of forums and tuts but none of em working for me , if need something else for diagnostic tell me i'm here to solve this

    I want to be able to work on a Virtual machine with my USB card working on my Mac lion

    I see some macbook problem on other post on this forums but no one helps it
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