Hi all,

i'm trying some arpspoofing on my home network in this days, but i've a problem that i'm unable to solve.
I use a wireless router, and i have a Mac pc with a vmware virtual machines where is installed the Backtrack 5, and a Windows pc. What happened is that i'm able to spoof just the Mac machine that is hosting the Backtrack 5, but not the Windows pc who loose the internet connection and when it gain it again doesn't suffer of the arp attack. But i found out a strange thing: even the Windows machine has it arp table poisoned but in the wrong way.
Here what happens:
when i start the attack i look at the arp table on the Mac: it shows the router ip and the Backtrack 5 virtual machine with the same mac address,
so on the mac the spoof works. That mac address is the one of the virtual machine.
but on the Windows machine i see the router ip and the Backtrack 5 virtual machines with the same mac address also, but THAT mac address isn't the one of the Backtrack 5 but the one of the wireless card of the Macintosh. So i think that somehow the other clients get confused for a second, then they find the route again for the internet but they are not hitten by the spoofing.
My virtual machine is already setted up as a brigded machine so i have a real ip from the router.

Any idea?
Thank you!