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Thread: Fresh install + updatemsf = fail

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    Default Fresh install + updatemsf = fail

    Hello everyone. Let me start off by saying it's been quite some time since I've used backtrack (I think 3 was the last stable version I'd used) so I'm a bit behind. I was going to post this in the beginner's section, ut the sticky in that section indicated this kind of question should go here.
    At this point I've tried this a few different times & ways, just reverting to a snapshot on my VM of a fresh install upon failure, but that's failing me, SO. . .

    I've got a fresh install of BT5/Gnome. Metasploit works, things are nice. Of course metasploit is outdated, so I try to run msfupdate and it updates fine. I load msfconsole and try to use db_driver and it says it's an unknown command. That happened to me before, but from experience I knew that db_connect was still recognized. Tried that and I got "No Database Driver installed try gem install pg. Which of course I tried. That gave me an error saying it couldn't find libpq-fe.h. The file is there. Checked pg_config.bin which the ./configure said it was using & it lists INCLUDEDIR as /opt/framework3/postgresql/include/ and the file is in there. This makes no sense to me.

    No I can't think of anything else. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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