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Thread: Triple boot question.

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    Default Triple boot question.

    So I am getting a new desktop in a week or so and I want to triple boot it. I want to be able to boot Windows 7, Ubuntu, and BackTrack5. How would I go about doing this? If I were to just go about doing the dual boot procedure for both would the GRUB from BackTrack interfere with the one from Ubuntu and vice versa? Just for some information the desktop is going to have a 2TB hardrive so I will have plenty of space for all 3 operating systems. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Triple boot question.

    I would tackle it this way:
    First install Windows 7 (At this point I don't believe you have to worry about partitioning) on your clean HDD.
    Then install Ubuntu, during which I would then make the 3 partitions using Ubuntu's tool for this on its liveCD. (Resizing the Windows7 to desired size, and putting Ubuntu on the 2nd partition).
    Last, install Backtrack onto the third partition.

    I believe Backtrack will use Grub2 by default, and after installing Backtrack, at boot you should see all three OS(s) on the boot menu ^^ (You might actually see more, including the safemode options I think)

    The reason I would Install Windows first, is because if you try to install it after Linux, it will mess up the Bootloader I think.
    I hope this is good advice

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    Default Re: Triple boot question.

    I have Win7, Win Xp, BT5, Debian testing, Debian Squeeze and LMDE with a 500gb hard drive...No hassle...

    If you do not have experience, install as sharon says, first Win Xp or Win 7, then BT5 and at the end, Ubuntu...
    If you have experience, first partion the hard drive, in as many partiions as you need, for Win 7 use one partition, the rest use an extended partion, and in the extended partion, you can use as much partions as needed (Ubuntu, Debian, LMDE, Archilinux, etc..)..

    The grub, well, each time you install a OS (linux), it will write its grub, in this case, BT5, Ubuntu and debian testing uses grub2),,...

    If you want to install Win 7 at the end, you will have to recover the grub, it is very simple..But avoid that issue if not familiar with it....But again, if you decide to do so, it is simple, and you will learn very much from it..

    It is up to you, my friend...

    None of us were born "knowing everything"..We have to learn in the proccess...Just do not be afraid..This is your chance to learn....Or take the easy way....All ways are valid...

    Hope it helps and good luck with your desktop...

    Wow, 2Tb hard drive..It is a monster...You can partition as desired...Install as much OS as you want..Lucky man...

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    Default Re: Triple boot question.

    Thanks for the replies guys. I should be getting my desktop in the next few days and will let you know how it went.

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