Ran into a minor problem, and my linux / backtrack skills are seriously lacking! and my homework isn't getting me very far either D:

I'm using a wireless adaptor, F5D7050 v4000 and it's supported for monitoring and packet injecting, I installed the drivers and my adapter was able to be displayed by airmon and such, and I could enter monitor mode.

However, packet injection just doesn't work, but my homework had led me to believe that the chipset that I'm using (Zydas zd1211b) and the driver (zd1211rw) support, for the most part, packet injecting.

after some googling, I found out that I need to patch my drivers, but I'm connecting to the internet through mobile tethering (and its very poor) I can't download these patches through the terminal? or.. the required method for patching.. is there a way I patch/install the required stuff to fix it so I can packet inject?


I try and follow this tutorial but after step one I can't continue, but I'm 100% positive this is what will enable me to packet inject! Could someone tell me what is needed to be done after step one? the help would be absolutely appreciated!

(also sorry if this is the wrong section to be posting this)