hey guys im having a serious problem trying to install the drivers for this video card i've just every guide that is on the forums

im using backtrack 5 R2 64 bit KDE with kernel 3.2.6

with previous versions of bt driver installation was pretty much straightforward but with this one i've tried everything

i've disabled the nouveau kernel driver by editing grub in etc/default/grub then i used the update-grub command
i've used the nouveau.modeset=0 after the vga=791
after that i tried all the steps that are listed in the Nvidia driver install on BT5r2 Kernel 3.2.6 thread and all i get is a black screen after a few seconds.

i've reinstalled bt5 r2 at least 10 times trying different methods on this forum but all with the same result so im asking for help.
if anyone can help to get these drivers installed correctly i would be eternally grateful

if anymore infomration is needed please let me know and i will provide it.