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Thread: Damn Vulnerable Web App

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    Angry Damn Vulnerable Web App

    hi, i installed last version of dvwa (1.0.7 from on bt5r2 and everything works perfectly, except that the brute force module seem to be impossible, low security too, infact both hydra and medusa fail, i've yet asked but with no answare, so can someone explain me how to do?

    medusa -h -u admin -p password -M web-form -m FORM:"dvwa/vulnerabilities/brute/index.php" -m DENY-SIGNAL:"incorrect" -m FORM-DATA:"get?username=&password=&Login=Login"
    ERROR: The answer was NOT successfully received, understood, and accepted: error code  302
    hydra -s 80 -l admin -P pass -f http-get-form "/dvwa/vulnerabilities/brute/index.php:username=^USER^&password=^PASS^&Login=Login:incorrect"
    [STATUS] 5.00 tries/min, 5 tries in 00:01h, 0 todo in 00:01h
    [STATUS] 2.50 tries/min, 5 tries in 00:02h, 0 todo in 00:01h

    thx a lot

    burpsuit work
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