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Thread: Regarding Alfa Cards

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    Exclamation Regarding Alfa Cards

    Hello Guys

    I Want to buy alfa card but got really confused that which card will work with BT5 R2 because it's a new version may be they have fixed the problems with drivers for these cards so plz tell me which card is working with BT5 R2 also i have 802.11G in my home... but i m thinking if its gud to have 802.11N card too....
    I also saw people having problems with driver so i want to make a gud investment plz help......
    so please help me i m confused i want to learn wireless penetration testing. which one i should buy or which one is gud.... Reply

    This is the list

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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    H is the safe choice, especially for a beginner. It will "just work".
    NH has the advantage of faster transfer speeds, but some people find it unstable.
    NHR appears to be the best under windows. It is problematic in BT. It may become the card of choice in the future, but not yet.

    Just my opinion.

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    Default Riferimento: Regarding Alfa Cards

    i received my NH two days far everything is working out of the box, both on win7 64 and bt5r2...unfortunately right now N doesn't work on bt5 (or at least i couldn't manage to make it work), but probably in the future this protocol would be implemented too. only little problem i had was in some reaver sessions...same card, same net, sometimes reaver works flawlessly, sometimes it doesn't work at all. really don't know what could be be reason. that's it, just make your choice

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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    I am fairly new to BT, been messing with it on and off for about a year now, but I have the AWUS036NH and I haven't had any problems from it so far, it has been working great for me in both BT5R2 and Windows. Don't know if that helps, but I haven't had any problems out of it yet :-)

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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    Why haven't you put awus051NH in your list as well?

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    Exclamation Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    I'm interested with the Alfa AWSU036NHR.
    But I have some questions and hope that u could help me answer them
    1) For aircrack-ng.So, could you give me a firm guarantees that it runs on BackTrack5 R2 perfectly? As I read in the forum that it is still not compatible YET n is having lots of problems. Have u tested it out before to hack wifi password (eg, WPA2) and prove that it works?
    2) My requirements (ultra long range, powerful, fast speed, super sensitive, super effective in hacking & speed, b, g, n). What is the comparison with 036H, 036NH, 051NH, SignalKing, others? Which is more suitable for me?
    3) What is the latest and most powerful model? Any other model to introduce?
    4) As it is working under such high power, can I operate it for days NONSTOP? How durable is it?
    5) What to do if my usb doesn’t have that much Volt? Will I have the power?
    6) How long is the warranty?
    8) Is it FULLY compatible in Widows?
    10) How far is the range in meters? how many storeys can it reach with power?
    11) Any available upgrades? (eg, antenna)
    13) How to be sure that the parts are FULLY genuine? (including cable)
    14) What is Hot Swap?
    15) SignalKing VS Alfa? It seems that SK has longer range n power? Which is better?

    Hope that you could reply me soon
    Thanks soo much!

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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    There are some things that you should know:

    1. Read here first :
    2. Please, one thing is the brand and another the chipset..You have to refer to the chipset compatibility (and patches). Do not be confused, go for the chipset...You want something that works "out of the box"?, you were informed, alfa 500 or alfa 1 (AWUS036H), why?..Read, go to the page I posted.
    But I'll make it easy for you: because it has a chipset rtl8187L, it works no matter what the brand is, either it's alfa, CityWireless, Bosslan, wifi John Doe, etc...As long as it is supported by aircrack-ng (refer to the link posted above).
    3. Windows compatible? Go to alfa networks home page. See the specs and OS supported by model.
    4. Distance?...Need to read more, about what?, about this:
    4.1 Link quality
    4.2 Obstructions(trees, Window aluminum mesh in home, rain, any bricks in house, Microwaves and wireless telephones which wok with 2.4 ghz waves, RF noise and many many factors which will affect 2.4Ghz wifi waves or 5 Ghz if "N" .
    4.3 type of antenna used , either it is directional ones like yagi's, parabolic grid, grid antennas and omidirectional antennas (not recommended for long distances).
    4.4 Type of gain (dbi's), if yagi, type of angle (the more narrow the better).
    5. If using external antenna, type of cable from antenna to usb wifi (if more than 3 meters, you need LM400, very recommended).
    6. Power?....The alfa 1 has 1 watt, but again, no matter how powerfull is (Tx), How good is it if you cannot receive with quality?..You can have 2 watts in Tx, but the other side? Only 2 watts Tx and Rx?...You won't see anything...
    7. And much much more...

    You need to read more. It is not as simple as you put it...

    Hope it helps...

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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    I personally recommend the awuso36h, both to beginners and experts. I have two.
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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    AWUS036 H or AWUS036 NH

    can't go wrong with the two, but if it was me I would go with H, because its the most stable alfa card ever and has been working 100% out of the box since Backtrack 3.

    Not to add but AWUS036H see's way more wifi networks vs AWUS036NH...

    Say if you were in a limited area and you had the AWUS036NH and there were only 2 networks to choose from, if you had the AWUS036H I guarantee you it will pick up 3 extra networks.

    I have been rocking the AWUS036H 500mW since Backtrack 4 first came out and its been working wonderful ever since, I got some new antenna's / cords along the way and i might have some bruises on the card but it still works as if I just bought it.

    I actually have the AWUS036HN still in the box, only used it for my xbox to bridge to the net, but never used it for anything else.. I keep as a backup until my other baby goes out completely.. But who knows when that will be.
    Wiffy-Auto-Cracker - was the best thing that ever happen to me. :) Wo0oT :)
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    Default Re: Regarding Alfa Cards

    I've just ordered an Alfa AWUS036H, and after the things I've read, it should work flawless. Can't wait to get mine.
    OT: Will it work in a VM and under a Live USB?

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