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[0-DAY ADDED - PwnSTAR 0.72]

Have added in the new MSXML exploit against Internet Explorer. This will exploit Windows 7. The payload is the default metasploit so is likely to be picked up by AV. I can't do much about that until I've learnt Ruby. Any help welcome.

Use wisely - this vulnerability won't last long!

yo VulpiArgenti,
Huge respect for the work you have put in big fella! I don't have the script in front of me but i had to take the zero out of your () 0day_(* something cant remember) as it chucked an error on start up of the script. Find and replace fixed the problem

With the addition of:
a) bandwidth limiting connected users (not sure how this could be done)
b) beef hook injection via an ettercap filter
c) opening a browser with hamster tab and beef tab

this script would be perfect to run in the start up of a rasberrypi!

cheers mate,