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    Default Soft AP / Phishing Script [Release]

    Meet the PwnSTAR: Pwn_SofT_Ap_scRipt

    Will do far more than launch airbase-ng:

    • manage interfaces and MACspoofing
    • set up sniffing
    • serve up phishing or malicious web pages
    • launch karmetasploit
    • grab WPA handshakes
    • de-auth clients
    • manage IPtables

    Updated feature list:
    • captive-portal with iptables and php
    • more php scripts added
    • exploits added
    • mdk3 and airdrop deauth

    Designed to lead beginners through all the steps (and hopefully experts too will find it useful) - everything should work OOTB.

    Huge nod to snafu777, and in fact to everyone who has posted a script here.

    All comments appreciated - let me know if anything doesn't work, and what features you would like added.

    [Current version 0.84 - see post #125]

    Spend an evening with the PwnSTAR at
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