Hey everyone. As the title suggests I'm having some problems wit WarVOX, but first my O.S. is Backtrack 5 R2/GNOME, and it's a HDD installation.

First off I type /pentest/telephony/warvox/bin/warvox.rb and then I get the following error code(s).
[*] Starting WarVOX on

/pentest/telephony/warvox/web/config/boot.rb:9:in 'rescue in <top (required)>': uninitialized constant Object::Bundler (NameError)
from /pentest/telephony/warvox/web/config/boot.rb:5:in '<top (required)>

from /pentest/telephony/warvox/web/script/rails:5:in 'require'
from /pentest/telephony/warvox/web/script/rails:5:in '<top (required)>'
from /pentest/telephony/warvox/bin/warvox.rb:72:in 'load'
from /pentest/telephony/warvox/bin/warvox.rb:72:in '<main>'

And that's all the error code it gives me. I really hope someone can lead me in the right direction to what the problem here is, and thank anyone in advance for doing so.