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Thread: Fast Track issues - newbie

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    Default Fast Track issues - newbie

    I'm using BackTrack 5 R2. Wrestling with oddities in FastTrack web ui.
    I'm seeing a lot of pages render as raw text instead of as html.
    In built in firefox, all the files do that for the left menu items, like 'tutorial'. I figured it was something in the noscript, so I disabled that. Didn't help.
    I installed chrome. The left nav works in chrome. On the tutorial page, all there references load as the html fragment '</html></body>'. That implies to me that it's some file not found error for some includes.

    Anyone else had that much trouble using FastTrack WebUI on BT 5 R2? If there a work around that eliminates those issues, I wasn't able to search for it by the correct keywords here and would appreciate the validation of either my issue or my ignorance.


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    Default Re: Fast Track issues - newbie

    Yep I have the same problem - also new to FastTrack and BackTrack so unfortunately I don't have many suggestions.

    I was searching to see if anyone else has the same issue.

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    Default Re: Fast Track issues - newbie

    Fast-Track is a little old now & has been discontinued as far as I know.
    Hasn't been updated since "25/08/2010".
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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