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Just a little update, I recently got back from my deployment and finally got my PC with internet all established. Before I left Afghanistan I started overhauling to script to remove a lot of unnecessary lines of code and provide some more customization to include multiple colors for input,file names, etc.

Also I'm working on removing a lot of frivolous lines of code and streamlining the script with better functionality when it comes to file checks, etc. It going to take a while but it should pay off in the long run and should allow for easier development in the future and make everything more standardized. I shouldn't have let it get to 12000+ lines of code before I decided to do this but its better late than never. In addition to this overhaul I still have a bunch of stuff in mind that should really improve the script vastly both on the Word list front and with other BT5 related functions I would like to branch out to. Also I have yet to really check out R3 but if there is anything new I can utilize in there I plan on doing that aswell

This might take quite a while but it should be worth it in the long run. Chances are the next release will be 2.0 which will be fully revamped and have plenty of additional functionality to keep people busy. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations now would be a great time!
Cool, send me an updated version when completed so I can update HackPack with it. XD