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@thad0ctor this is a great script, I always liked pure_hate's wordlist script, but yours now has soo much more to it. keep up the good work.
one thing I figure I should ask, is looking on the sourceforge page, there is a "code" section which allows one to pull from git, but it doesn't look like you've set that up. it'd be really cool if you setup git/svn, or something like it.

thanks for the praise, I defiantely appreciate the support! I definately am looking forward to adding more features as I learn more and come up with additional ideas.

I've been meaning to work out the svn / git aspect of the script and working that in conjunction with the upcoming auto-update feature but since I'm currently deployed I'm dealing with some limitations in terms of network capabilities. In order for me to post updates here and to SF I have to juggle burning CDs and all types of fun stuff. Luckily I have a VPS with and online ajax console so I can atleast debug the SVN and autoupdate features of the script although I would much prefer to work with a GUI.

I'll make sure I get a working svn / git as one of my top priorities for the script, and hopefully get it done by today. The auto-update feature will be soon to follow once I get a good grasp on the best way to work it out. I'll certainly be posting here with updates and hopefully 0.9 (with a working auto-update) will be soon to come