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Thread: Script: thad0ctor's word list toolkit v0.5 ( RELEASED!)

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    Post [Script] thad0ctor's backtrack 5 toolkit

    Hey everyone!

    I'm pretty new here and about as new to Linux and Backtrack but I'll really thrilled to hopefully become a contributing member of the community.

    In order to learn about bash scripting and the inner-workings of Backtrack, I decided to go ahead and write a script to get a hang of things. This is what I came up with!

    There are plenty of word list tools out there, many of them superb resources, but some lacked the tools I needed to create a wide variety of possible passwords in order to Pentest and secure networks. I decided it would be best to take ideas and concepts from other tools and mix them with some of my own creations to create an in depth tool to create potential passwords to pentest a network. Basically, the premise of my toolkit is if you can use the script to create a word list that contains your password, you should probably change your password.

    I did the best to make the script as user friendly as possible but it is still in a beta phase and there very well could be errors. Some features currently don't work flawlessy, for instance using special characters to generate lis, but for the most part it is a solid tool. Most notably the script features an update feature that can be configured to auto-update, further customizations and tools, and an interactive GTK promt system for most features if you prefer to streamline your operation and avoid command line.

    Attached is the script, the readme and the change log. I will be releasing additional versions as I get the oppurtunity to update the script and add more features. If you are not registered on this forum please feel free to download the script from my newly created Sourceforge account where you can always find the most up to date version of the script, submit tickets, and pull versions directly from the git/svn. Once I get more time I will be updating this thread, the Sourceforge page and the script itself. In addition to the Word List Toolkit I will also be working on another script to simplify some Wifi attack related functions to further streamline network penetration tests although I have yet to release a beta for it because I am currently unhappy with its current state.


    -|Checkout the Latest Version with GIT|-

    git clone git:// thad0ctorstools-code

    -|Current Version's Readme|-

                   |   Thad0ctor's Word List Toolkit  |
                   |                                  |
                   |          version #: v1.4         |
                   |                                  |
                   |       created by: thad0ctor      |
                   |                                  |
    	       |       created on: 24-Jul-12      |
                   |                                  |
                   |     created for: Backtrack 5R2   |
                   |                                  |
    -Recently my interest in network security and pen-testing has been
     increasing and with that my so has curiosity about the tools and	
     functionality of the Backtrack Linux Distro. To best understand 
     Backtrack it is essential to have a solid grasp of bash scripting.
     That being said, in order to best learn the ins and outs of shell
     scripting and the critical functions that drive Backtrack I 
     decided to create this script to serve both as a learning 
     experience for me and as a valuable tool for others looking to
     secure their networks.
    -This script was created due to a lot of hard work and free time
     while serving on a deployment in Afghanistan.  If you enjoy this
     script and want to support it do not hesitate to donate, thanks!
    ------------------------|Special Thanks|---------------------------
    -This script would have never been possible without the examples
     inspiration and 3rd Party tools provided by:
    	- Tape's Wordlist Manipulator and Datelist
    	- Middle's Wordlister
    	- Purehate's Wordlist Tools
    	- slydgotcha and his word list manipulator
    -All these a great scripts that come highly reccomended and are
     surely essentials for anyone trying to streamline their use of
     wordlists.  The authors have my highest praise and thanks!
    -This scripts requires Backtrack 5 Linux based on Ubuntu, although
    	it has not been tested on other DISTROS it could work
    	with the proper configuration
    -In order to run this script you will need the following programs:
    	-pyrit (for the benchmarks)
    	-aircack-ng (for the benchmarks)
    -System wise I would recommend a minimum of a dual core setup with
    	2 GB of RAM in addition to at least 50 GB of HDD space if
    	you plan on making some word lists.
    --------------------------|FAQ / Usage|----------------------------
    Q: What is all this Both / GTK / CLI / PT stuff I see in the menus?
    A: What you are seeing is info that describes the special features
    	of the tools of the script.  GTK denotes that the function
    	has GUI prompts while CLI means the function is command 
    	line only.  Both means the function has both prompts or CLI
    	features depending on how the script is configured.  PT 
    	means that that feature of the script has the ability to
    	passthrough its word list output to a cracking program so
    	you do not have to create a large word list.  Whether or 
    	not this happens depends on how the script is configured.
    Q: How do I toggle between the CLI and GTK versions of the script/
    A: Most of the script's menus have a function (T/t) that allows you
    	to toggle between the two versions of the script but you 
    	can also force the script to a certain version in the 
    	configuration menu to prevent the prompt that appears every
    	time you run the script.
    Q: How do I use the passthrough attack feature?
    A: Since v0.6 there are two ways you can use the attack passthrough
    	feature for certain functions of the script.  If you prefer 
    	to manually update the settings you can open up the script
    	itself ( and update lines 41 and 44 with
    	the essid and capture file of the network you would like to
    	attack.  Or, you can edit the settings directly from the 
    	configuration menu while running the script.  Currently 
    	this feature doesn't have a GTK feature to facilitate the
    Q: What is the deal with the debug info?
    A: The debug info (although not fully implemented yet) is designed
    	to help troubleshoot potential user issues by allowing them
    	to compare their log files and debug information to a set
    	standard online to ensure they have the newest, un-adultered
    	version of the script.
    Q: Where can I find the latest version of this script and discuss
    	any issues and or ideas pertaining to the script?
    A: I do my best to update and post to my thread on the Backtrack 
    	forums at:
    	or at the script Sourceforge:
    -This script is not to be used for any illegal activities.  It was 
     designed with the premise of securing your own personal networks.
     If any of the tools on this script were able to generate passwords
     that you use I would highly suggest you create a new, more complex
     password to secure your networks.
    -The author of this script is in no way responsible for any misuse
     of this script or damage resulting from the use of this script.
    -------------------------|Contact Info|----------------------------
    -If you have any suggestions, comments, bugs to report, questions
     or concerns about this script feel free to get in touch with me at
     thad0ctor at overclocked dot net.
    -I'm working on setting up a blog in addition to a SVN repository 
     to provide automatic updates of this script in addition to a place 
     for users to come voice their opinions, check out other resources
     and even learn about other security topics.  Granted, I am not an
     expert at Linux or network security but I assure you, as I learn
     more so will you!
    -|Current Version's Change Log|-

    (See The 2nd Post)

    -|Full Feature List|-

    (See The 3rd Post, TBA)


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