Hi.. first of all thankx for back|track2. its definitely a great piece of art. awesome collection of tools i must add.

the issue i face is that the disk mounts as read only. firstly i tried to chmod it but soon realized that this wont help.. some of the previous threads did help. But still no go. Have already tried ntfs-3g but still wont work.
my hdd partitions still remain as ro. maybe m doing some silly mistake, but cant figure out what it is..

tried both;
ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1
& mount -t ntfs-3g ...
have not installed on HDD but booting BT2 using live cd.

read somewhere that can change rc.d scripts on startup and remake the live disk but dont think i would need to go that far.

have tried searching the forum but sorry if i missed this issue & its solution. in that case accept my apologies for a duplicate issue.