Hello all, I have been having an odd issue with backtrack for a long time now and I have been unable to come to no conclusion. First of all here is the current configuration I have.
Acer Aspire One (ZA3) running Backtrack 5 r2 with KDE window system. With an Atheros AR2425 wireless card.

The problem I am having is that it is almost like the card wont enter monitor mode intermittently. For example, recently I have been testing reaver on my home network. Sometimes when I bring it up, it works just fine. Others, it gets stuck on one PIN and will not go any further (time out). I know, my router does not block the use of PINS after a set amount of failed attempts, because when it does work, I can leave it for hours with no problem. Though when I try and resume, I get this issue..... But only sometimes.
I know it is a problem with backtrack and not my hardware because whenever it happens I am unable to connect to my network legitamently either. Or any other network for that case. I get the error in WICD "unable to optain IP address". After a couple of reboots and a few bad words, it works just fine again.
I thought it could be in relation to the common problem of backtrack not communicating with the D-Bus, but I fixed that issue. (http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/...etwork_Manager) though that came to no avail.
Please if anyone has ever experienced this sort of problem or knows where I can look to find the answer, any help would be appreciated. I know it sounds like an odd problem and I probably didn't clarify it very well. But it is almost 4AM and my head hurts so this is the best I can do haha

EDIT: Also, thought I should make mention of this, after playing around with it. Sometimes when I set reaver with interface mon0 it tells me it is waiting for a beacon frame from the associated MAC. Though when I start airodump-ng I see the beacon rate going crazy.
Once again, thanks in advance!