Dear reader,

I am trying to boot backtrack on my windows notebook, these are the exact steps I took.
When I boot the USB, the screen just stays black.

Step 1
Format my USB (4GB) to FAT32.
Afther the format the properties of the USB says that of the 4GB, 3.7GB is left empty

Step 2
I run UNetbootin in administrator mode, I select the file BT5-KDE-32.ISO.
The file was downloaded from the official website.

I select the USB drive, and I let Unetbootin do its work. It stays at 39% for about 10 minutes, while its bussy with filesystem.squashfs.
It finishes and gives me the option to reboot.

Step 3
When the notebook starts up again, I press ESC to get to a menu. In that menu I select; "Select boot drive"
From that menu I pick the name of my USB stick 'Freecom'.

Now the screen stays black.
I have left it running for about 15 minutes, and it stayed black.

I use a HP pavilion DV5-1010ed.

What is going wrong?