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Thread: Errol downloading image

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    Default Errol downloading image

    Hello! I have troubles with downloaded image of BT4-final. Length of downloaded file is 1440 MB instead of ~1500. I've tried torrent and direct link. MD5 sum is not correct too. File "filesystem.squashfs" is broken (tested in FAR-Manager, with mounted by Alcohol 52% iso-image & tested with md5sum, when BT is started).
    Where i can download OFFICIAL correct image? I'am from Russian Federation. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Errol downloading image

    The only OFFICIAL download links are on this page
    Any other link is not OFFICIAL

    When you click one of the links on that page, your download will be directed to one of the OFFICIAL mirrors so as the bandwidth is balanced between them and you know you are getting the real file and not some altered file from some dubious location. For this reason that is the only link that is considered to be OFFICIAL and safe.

    We do not give out any other links.

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    Default Re: Errol downloading image

    Use the torrent. It's fast and most clients have built-in hash checking. But you should still check it once it's complete just to be sure.

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