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Thread: Antivirus Evasion

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    Default Antivirus Evasion

    Okay so I've googled and looked around to no avail. I have been working against my own VM, and no matter how I tried, I have not been able to kill the AV. Occasionally it would catch it but let me in, or it would catch it and deny me. I reiterate, I have looked around, watched some of the tutorials, etc.

    Testing against: AVG on Windows 7 and Avast! on Windows XP Media Center. I got anything from Access denied when killing a process to using sc config unsuccessful. Killav gave me an access denied. getsystem was successful, so I was an admin.

    Anyone have any ideas on this specifically? Both the disabling if evaded, or evaded if detected? Maybe something I'm missing? I've used a mix of SET and MSF on it's own.

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    Default Re: Antivirus Evasion

    There's a thread on AV evasion in the expert forum...currently near the top. You may find some help there.
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