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Thread: BT5 R2 boot problem

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    Question BT5 R2 boot problem

    hey guys,

    using BT5R2 on my dell PC, works fine.....
    i wanted to use BT5 on my laptop too for wireless functions like aircrack etc.
    it gives me the option to boot from my USB at my multi-boot screen, but when i select my USB drive it just boots windows?
    any ideas?


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    Default Re: BT5 R2 boot problem

    I've had a similar thing happen before, and in my case it was the fact that the USB wasn't made to be a proper bootable USB. I've used about 4 different programs (unetbootin, powerISO, ultraISO and some other) to create a bootable USB, but only one actually successfully made a USB that the computer recognized as bootable. It was either ultra- or powerISO. In all the other cases (including unetbootin) the computer simply did not recognize the drive as bootable and went straight into windows.

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