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Thread: After upgrade Backtrack R1 to R2, in the grub i can boot with both kernel, the oldest

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    Default After upgrade Backtrack R1 to R2, in the grub i can boot with both kernel, the oldest

    Hello Everyone

    I upgraded Backtrack Gnome 32 bits R1 to R2, the upgrade was a Sucessfull, but I have a question, when the grub appears. I have the two Kernels, the and the new Kernel, and I can boot with both kernels

    Have I both backtrack in my PC, the backtrack R1 and R2??
    Can I deleted the old kernel from the grub and only have the new kernel??

    It´s all

    Thank you very much for reading

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    Default Re: After upgrade Backtrack R1 to R2, in the grub i can boot with both kernel, the ol

    When you upgrade your kernel the old one will still exist and you can revert back to that kernel if you have any trouble with the new kernel. If you boot to the new kernel, you should still have all the new tools that were installed with the upgrade and the only difference is that you're running the old kernel.

    If you'd like to uninstall the old kernel you can run:

    dpkg -l | grep kernel
    you will see a line that looks like this:

    rc  linux-image-3.2.9          3.2.9-1          Linux kernel, version 3.2.9
    or something similar but with your kernel version instead of 3.2.9

    In your terminal run the following:

    dpkg -r linux-image-3.2.9 && update-grub2
    and of course remember to replace 3.2.9 with your kernel version that you are removing. Next time you boot the machine you will not see the old kernel in your grub menu.

    Keep in mind that this should not be necessary and if you accidentally uninstall the wrong kernel you may not be able to boot anymore and need to start from a fresh install.

    I believe this is accurate information but if anything needs correcting or if there's anything to add hopefully someone else will chime in.

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