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Thread: BT5 R2 KDE 32bit + DHCP3 server issue

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    Lightbulb BT5 R2 KDE 32bit + DHCP3 server issue

    As I usually never get answers here (4 questions without any answers, not even a "just search on Google..."), I just decided anyway to come and give solutions when I find some :-p

    Well, so:

    This problem/solution occures only with a new BT5 R2 installation (no need with an update).

    Scripts using DHCP3-server don't work anymore while working with BT5 R1 and under.
    DHCP3-server is not installed and when you try the famous
    apt-get install dhcp3-server
    you get a message error because of bad/missing dependencies.

    Last version of dhcp3-common is ubuntu3.3 and already installed.
    Last version of dhcp3-client is ubuntu3.3 ans already installed.
    Last version of dhcp3-server is.... ubuntu3.2 and cannot be installed with other 3.3 dhcp3 dependencies.

    Solution found:
    Force the downgrade by....
    Replace dhcp3-common and dhcp3-client by the previous ubuntu3.2 version
    then install the last dhcp3-server (ubuntu3.2)
    => Works perfectly!


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    Default Re: BT5 R2 KDE 32bit + DHCP3 server issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Sil3nc3r View Post
    As I usually never get answers here
    One reason for no replies is that the solution is readily available.

    For example, a forum search for "dhcp3" leads to my post, in which I give the solution you have re-posted:
    re-install dhcp3-common, but force version 3.1.3-2ubuntu3.2, instead of the current 3.1.3-2ubuntu3.3.
    I definitely don't mean to discourage your posting solutions, just pointing out why many threads are unanswered.

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    Default Re : Re: BT5 R2 KDE 32bit + DHCP3 server issue

    Damn'it! :-)

    Well, I searched for that solution but didn't find it.

    In fact, I haven't ask for this problem on the forum.
    I get the problem and find by myself how to fix it.
    Then I searched here in the titles... Not by many tries of keywords in any messages and forums.
    As I did'nt find it in titles, I assume it was a good idea to post this solution.

    This show also why it is important to give a good title for a thread ^^

    By the way, I did continue to search solutions for my others problems but cannot find it.
    If you could help....

    All my researchs about existing issues bring me to different forums where people said "Google is your friend" or where no response have been found...

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    Default Re : BT5 R2 KDE 32bit + DHCP3 server issue

    This topic just become out of date... Tip isn't usefull anymore.

    dhcp3-server for ubuntu3.3 is now include in the packages whith the last update (since 1 or 2 days)

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    Unhappy Re: BT5 R2 KDE 32bit + DHCP3 server issue

    hi guys, im new to this forum....

    anyways, i did exactly what @Sil3nc3r told, but after installing it, when i rebooted, my wicd is my question is how do i get it back...please help me....

    note: im using BT in WMware

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