hi, this is my first time posting on the forums, i have used backtrack very few times, i've done a few things with WIFI but nothing impressive.
i was told about Backtrack with my schools system administrators who knew i was into networking and wanted to get involved in network security, they told me this is the best place to start, ive now started college, and part of the course is networking, and one of the units is network security.
the tutor has years of experience with backtrack, but doesn't know what we want to learn.

besides the obvious being WIFI cracking, WEP and WPA/2, have you guys got any ideas what we could do? the class is made up of people from 16-18 who have varying degrees of knowledge of computers, but we have all got experience with network basics, we have done work on some of the higher sides of network protocols etc.

any help will be greatly appreciated