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Thread: Some one please teach me the basics of linux.

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    Default Some one please teach me the basics of linux.

    I downloaded the .iso image for BT4 after trying to download the other version 4-5 times unsuccessfully. After loading the image to a DVD I then proceeded to run it from the disk sing the Live CD feature.
    When I ran it I came up to a "root#" prompt and was unable to exit or get out of the OS. I was forced to do a hard shutdown (power button).
    When I tried to restart my computer I am continuously getting an ata4: SRST failed error. I cannot wipe the drive now since it appears Linux has ruined the MBR, I have tried several wipe utilties for my 1TB SATA drive and I am at my wits end.
    Any advice would be helpful. The original OS was Windows 7RC 64 bit.
    I am trying my best to switch to Linux from Windows but I am running into issues like this. If can't resolve I may be done with Linux for good. Please help.
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    Default Re: Some one please teach me the basics of linux.

    Which is exactly why we tell people to not start out using BT.

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    Default Re: Some one please teach me the basics of linux.

    start your pc and boot from your Windows 7 installation disc

    go to computer repair options start the console and then enter
    bootrec.exe /FixMbr

    google for windows 7 repair console bootrec.exe mbr

    to find a description with more details


    give your linux a start with Kubuntu or Ubuntu first of all try to handle with them then swap to others
    this forum is the wrong place for linux tuts

    dont ask me linux questions i have also just the knowledge about liunx basics
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