Ive been using backtrack for sometime now, but i have purchased a new wireless card, but cannot seem to install the driver, keeps failing. ( I download the driver, .tar.gz file, ) unzip- tar zxf- /root/RT25USB-SRC-V2.0.8.0.tar.gz, the make && make install fails, or make fails the make install fails. ...
I can although successfully hack wep and wpa.

when i type iwconfig i get no wireless extensions on lo and eth0. but when i type airmon-ng start wlan0, I get monitor mode to start on my device(mon0), then iwconfig will show me wlan0.

And i cannot use social.eng.tool anymore since it keeps looking for eth0, when i type "route, i get eth0 for use interface,, but i never get wireless on eth0, only wlan0????

also i can see other wifi networks in wicid??
why is my usb wifi card not being recognized?? on start up it tells me this usb not recongized on port 1

also no modporbe commands work either on trying to install files

please help, greatly appreciated.