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Thread: [Fixed] intel vga Blankscreen on startx

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    Default [Fixed] intel vga Blankscreen on startx

    (possibly also for other distributions).

    This case occurs when we want to go to GUI mode (startx).

    for some reason my first diagnosis leads directly to the VGA module, finally I try to play on the grub loader option until I can overcome this problem.

    The following steps

    time of entry in grub option, press tab to edit the grub loader option

    note on the line "vga = 791 splash text"

    edit to

    "Text i915.modeset = 1"

    then boot, by pressing ctrl + x

    think we have entered the rootshell. (Root @ root: ~ #)

    Here we need to xserver xorg.conf configuration file, because the default file is not there.

    just run the command
    then we copy the file you created earlier. copy to directory '/ etc/X11 / "

    root @ root: ~ # cp / root / / etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Next we edit first,

    nano / etc/X11/xorg.conf

    looking for driver "intel" that lies in the section "Device" then change it so vesa.

    driver "vesa"
    save (ctrl-x > y > enter).

    here we should be able to enter the GUI mode.

    try running startx

    henceforth please install it.

    btw, if there are more that can crash the installer problem, first try to connect to internet, I also crash the first time, it was necessary to adjust backtrack localtime. i think.

    because the struggle has not stop here. (For my case, hopefully other friends who have fix).

    ok, assuming the installation is finished. Please reboot to get into backtrack in our machine.

    new problem arises, KDE will feel very heavy.

    you must already know where the problem. for who do not know, here I share little else.

    remember about the intel and vesa ? Now we return to intel.

    If so, we need to install the vga driver.

    apt-cache search intel | grep xorg
    there have emerged three parts that we need to install.

    Just install it one by one.

    #after installing the first one, we need to apt-get autoremove.

    when it is completed and successfully install it, please reboot.

    sorry for my very bad english. i'm from indonesia

    # Tested on acer 4738z with
    vga intelghrapic
    processor intel P6100

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    Default Re: [Fixed] intel vga Blankscreen on startx

    i have another method to fix this issue
    there are some ways to fix
    1)try disabling KMS
    2)for temp seup copy xorg failsafe file to xorg.conf
    then go to inteldriverforlinux website and download driver and install it

    this issue can also be cause if fbdev and i915 driver try to load at same time so goto /etc/module and add fbcon to module list


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    Default Re: [Fixed] intel vga Blankscreen on startx

    when I type in the terminal
    apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel
    it gives me the
    corrupt packages error.
    any ideea why?

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    i have same problem in my laptop ASUS-A42JV
    these information is helpful
    thanks a lot Meonkzt

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