Have two different usb drives and have tried multiple copies of Backtrack 5 yet keep having this problem.

Using UNetBootin (Universal USB Installer) Backtrack installs onto my USB just fine. I boot it up. Go online, mess around with settings. Then shut it down.

Now on the next boot up I get a error.

Error.Deleted inode refference 642614.

This cycles endlessly.

It must be a hardware problem or something.

16gb Transcend USB 3.0 bough specifically for this purpose. Fat32. Tried persistent memory at 4 gb then scaled it back to 2.5. Both Gnome and KDA. x64. (Can't remember if I tried the x84.)

I've reinstalled at least 4-5 times and it keeps happening....? ? ?

Using an Alienware MX17 with USB Renesa drivers.

Appears to only be a problem when using persistent memory. Have absolutely no issues when loading the forensics for example. Here's whats really strange. I also experimented with USB Windows 7 and
a Ubuntu 10... and again, doesn't work.

Wish I understood why.