Tried everything I can think of. When I load up from the disk it goes to a prompt that just says "boot:" and no commands I through at it do anything at all. Have to force restart just to get the OS back up. I was trying to install this so I could learn a little Linux and also learn about computer security some. I've verified the file use "Hashcalc" and everything shows up clean. No issues with the one burned to the disc either. Used 2 different burners to ensure it wasn't something I was doing wrong. Used a burn speed of 4x to ensure no errors. Downloaded 2 times to double check I got everything, but nothing seems to be working. It doesn't auto boot from disc so I have to force it using F12 and then like I said it just goes to "boot:" and no command at that point works at all. I'm burning the .iso directly to a DVD+R disc. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'll kick myself if it's something simple.

Thanks in advance.