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Thread: Wireless backtrack 5r2 kde

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    Default Wireless backtrack 5r2 kde

    I have a dlink dwa-130 and it worked outta the box with backtrack 5r1 and 5. I already tried recompiling my kernel with the b43 driver support, and it installed it using ndiswrapper, but it fails to connect. My setup is dual booting with windows, I am able to connect with my windows, and I am able to scan with backtrack, but unable to obtain the IP address.
    When connecting it goes
    None: Putting Interface Down
    None: Putting Interface Up (takes about 16 seconds)
    None: Obtaining IP Address
    and no interface comes up when I do airmon-ng. I know it can't inject packets but it showed up before.
    I've tried many solutions, any help would be great.

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    Default nearly the same

    I have another wireless adapter (ahtheros AR9285), but the same problem. Wicd stops on "Optaining IP-Adress". It worked perfectly with Backtrack5R1, and it still works with my OpenSuSE. gerix says it uses the ath9k-driver, is that correct?
    I installed Backtrack5R2 via and I'm stuck on #4 because I have no network. Any ideas/solutions would be great!

    MfG iZicke

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    Default Re: Wireless backtrack 5r2 kde

    I am having the same issue i have my laptop as a dual boot and backtrack 5 ran fine then yesterday i did the upgrade through the terminal and now i get unable to obtain ip i have tried a few fixes but none seem to work so far removed the /etc/rule.d/??? file and nothing tried to to re dpkg it and do an upgrade and update on it and nothing any one have any ideas yet

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    Default Re: Wireless backtrack 5r2 kde

    More details about that : if ;iw config wi-fi adapter ....everything..

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