I;m not sure if this is a Ubiquity problem… or a backtrack issue.

When installing BT5R2 onto the hard disk, I use the installer/Ubiquity tool. This always hangs after the keyboard selection screen (step 3 of 7 I think). Spinning icon spins forever until Ubiquity is killed, or PC is powered off.

It feels like its not the keyboard selection screen that is causing the issue, more the NEXT screen along (which I believe is the hard disc partition screen).

Looking online, people say this is a bug in ubuntu. Their solutions range from “skipping through the options quickly” (which doesn’t work) … to using the Alternate Install DVD from Ubuntu. (Which Backtrack does not have as far as I’m aware?).

Has anyone else experienced this… and if so what was YOUR solution? Or if anyone has any advice at all… that’d be great.

Perhaps I should setup the partitions manually or somesuch?