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Thread: im not dead....

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    The problem came when the drive died and I tried to restore the backup and found that it was corrupt, that taught me not to rely on just a backup.
    that's why i split up my partitions in program and data and do a 2x backup on each of it... keeps me feeling safe...
    The answer is 42.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamanvirtuel View Post
    sorry for having disappear the 2 last days....
    i got a car accident(one leg half broken) and the worst a BIG computer crash

    my dv6146 is hs my last 160 gb is hs and that is the worst because i just pass the last night to try to find AIR dev project and find my new wpa project too....
    thx god easyrecovery pro have done the job....but im lucky i think because the hd have fly on maybe 20 meters.....

    so new config bought this day by my wife.....
    Sony vaio c2s/h (metal grey and orange)
    intel 3945 abg
    2 go ram....

    and no datas from my 2 projects are i will be able to send betas in a few day................

    sorry to be late.....
    Nice to be alive and to talk to all of you again....
    Glad to hear your alright.

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