I downloaded BackTrack 5 R2 GNOME 32-bit yesterday and I installed it on a USB flash drive. I used it first on my friends' Dell laptop and everything worked fine. But the following day when I tried it on my Lenovo laptop everything is all Fuzzy.

It looks like the "snow" on TV's that you used to get on bad channels except in lines instead of dot's and the lines were blue. I can still see everything but there are those blue lines flickering all over the screen.

This doesn't happen as soon as I start backtrack, everything looks normal in the text section, but after I type "startx" the blue lines start then.

I tried installing it to my hard drive instead of running it from my USB flash drive, thinking that would fix it, but it didn't I have it installed on my hard drive now and it does the same thing after I type "startx".