I upgraded to BT5 R2 with the 3.2.6 Kernel. After upgrading, my USB WiFi adapter no longer works. I was working fine on the R1 Release of BT5. Initially, the adapter appears to be working, but when wicd starts I start getting error messages and the interface disappears from ifconfig output. Here is the error:

r8172u: Badfw->size of -283017888


This appears to be a bug in the 3.2.x series of kernels. I found a thread about the issue here:

Apparently if you replace the rtl8712 portion of the kernel source tree with the one from the 3.1.x series kernels, the device will start working again. I have not tested this since I don't know what modifications BT5 developers might make to the kernel config before building.

The firmware in question is the same size as the one that worked previously in the 2.6.x series of kernels, and since the size hasn't changed, it is not likely due to being a bad size.

I really could use this working. It is my main internet connection, as I use the built in Atheros to do wifi monitoring.

Thank you.