hey guys I downloaded the CS version of retina network scanner (windows version) what I'm trying to do is connect it to my backtrack box. In retina there is a "Exploit Framework Integration" and the three (3) methods are:
  • MessagePack-based RPC
  • XML- RPC (discontinued as of msf version 4)
  • Local command line (wouldn't work for me as I run msf on a different box all together)

MessagePack-based RPC has the following fields:
Confirm Password
Server URL:

after reading some info on msfrpcd, i figure that is what i need to start on my BT box before i can connect retina to it...this what i came up with

 ./msfrpcd -S -U MetaUser -P Securepass -p 12345
however when there is a -u option which says URI for webserver can some explain what this is for?