Hi Everyone,

This is probably a basic question but I could really use some help. I installed BT5 on an 8GB USB thumb disk using netbootin. What I installed was BT5R1-KDE-32.iso. I created a 2.5 gig bootable FAT partition and a 5.5 gig linux partition. BT5 is installed on the first partition. When I try to run various programs they say device is out of space. My questions are (1) how do I direct all the programs I run to use the second partition (sdb2)? It has much more space. (2) When I run "mount" it says sdb1 (the partition with BT5) is mounted on /cdrom. I have no idea why it says that. The only relationship to a cdrom is that I booted with a BT5 live CD when I did the installation, and accessed BT5 iso and netbootin on sda1. Is there any reason for me to even have 2 partitions? Is it because BT5 operates a lot faster on a linux filesystem so I just want a small bootable partition but everything else should happen on a linux filesytem? I just followed the instructions for creating a persistent usb installation.

Thanks in advance!